Choosing the right product

Dried flowers

Medical hemp is available as a pharmaceutical raw material in the form of dried, whole hemp inflorescences.

Active substances are present in female plants, which are harvested and dried during the production phase. Dried medical cannabis offered by Spectrum Therapeutics is ready to use through vaporization or to prepare other forms of medicine in a pharmacy.

Our products

Thanks to categorization based on Spectrum Therapeutics color code, product selection is simple.

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THC Dominant

  • Canopy Growth THC 20%, CBD ≤ 0.5%
  • Red No. 2 (THC 19%, CBD ≤ 1%)
  • Cannabis flos, Canopy Growth THC 25%, CBD < 0,5% — KRYPTON*

Balanced THC to CBD ratio

  • Cannabis flos, Canopy Growth THC 8%, CBD 7% — PENELOPE*
  • softgel icon oil droplet icon flower icon

    * International trade name

softgel icon oil droplet icon flower icon

Quality control

All of our hemp products go through a rigorous quality control program, supervised and checked by government institutions. Our tests comply with strict product safety criteria and ensure repeatability of the content of key bioactive ingredients, such as THC and CBD.

We strive to provide physicians with additional information by conducting additional research to help them select appropriate products.

  • We also perform bacteriological tests to confirm the absence of bacteria such as Staphylococcus and Pseudomonas.
  • We test for the presence of over 68 types of pesticides, including myclobutanil.

Patient's Journal

Download a PDF file containing a table that will help you conduct therapy using medical cannabis. Click the link below to start downloading the document.


Learn more about our unique color code system designed to make it easier to choose the right product.